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About Us

Welcome to our website.

Delforg Ltd. is one of the oldest businesses on the domestic frozen food market, since it was established in 1992. In the early days, our profile was restricted to the distribution of marine fish, particularly supplying the booming Hungarian retail chains.

Eventually the domestic market situation changed fundamentally. Due to this fact, our profile was considerably expanded. Public catering and hospitality establishments appeared among our customers. This meant a completely new conception, the company’s structural reorganisation and the drastic expansion of our product variety.

To this day fish products represent the main direction for us, this is our strongest area with world-wide business connections. Our products come from Argentina, China, India, Vietnam and nearly all E.U. member countries. Among our suppliers only Australia is not a represented continent. This is only true regarding fish products, as New-Zealand lamb from the area rectifies this „shortcoming”.

The growth is also appreciable in the fish product range, besides commerciale goods for retail chains we distribute a huge variety of high value produce. These include various shrimps, noble fish fillets (salmon, Victoria Lake perch fillet, pangasius, sole fish, pike-perch fillet, etc.), squid, mussels, seafood mix. Out of whole fish, outstanding quality is represented by pike-perch, salmon and hake.

Apart from fish products, we have mentioned New-Zealand lamb, but we also have considerable sales of poultry, pork and beef, and furthermore game flesh. To every main course a side dish is due, so our variety includes potato and vegetable goods.

We mainly distribute vegetables of domestic origin, while speaking of potato products we are one of the biggest Hungarian vendors of McCain produce.

Excluding desserts, food delivered by us is majorly ingredient in nature, since each chef of a particular restaurant has their own concept of preparing a given dish. The highly oven- ready or breaded and fried products are rather interesting in the context of public catering, where the quickly available dishes have a forgivable if distinctively average taste, especially when they are of good quality, too.

To serve our customers, we have a widespread distribution network. At our three business parks, adequate number of cooler vehicles run marathon journeys. These parks are at Dunaharaszti (also the central offices), Nemessándorháza (Zala county) and Nyíregyháza, so we perform regional and nationwide distribution.

At the three business parks, we have a total of about 1000 square metres own deep-freezer storage facilities, where we house our imported or vended products. Apart from this, we have to continuously avail of sheer amounts of external storage.

Our company’s flagship is the Zala unit, as our state-of-the-art packaging and presentation factory operates here, where computer controlled Japan-German production lines manufacture 30-40 presented products per minute. Apart from the compulsory HACCP systems, IFS, BRC, MSC and ASC systems prove that production is on an exceptionally high level, even according to European standards. Products manufactured on these lines are now available in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Slovenia.

Orders are processed either through area representatives personally, or on the phone by the business relations collegaues onsite each park. Orders can be placed via fax, e-mail or personally at the representatives. Customers purchasing goods for over net. 15 thousand HUF can avail of delivery. Please enquire about delivery days at our collegaues. For transactions for less then the above amount, we are at your service onsite.

We hope that You are already one of our customers. If not so, we are looking forward to making contact, in the interest of which our representatives will certainly approach You shortly.